Phi was born when we saw the time doctors spent filling files rather than looking after patients. The solution? A platform that promotes an effective communication: Patient-hospital-interface.
Today, Phi is much more than that: it's managing your health in a few clicks.

An app that concentrates all your medical information, recommends what to do in case of problems, establishes a direct link with the hospital or your doctor and facilitates the follow-up.

Did you know ?

Hospitals and family doctors do not always have the same information about patients.

Why Phi?

Secure access to all your medical data

Phi promotes an automatic exchange of information between you and the doctors, in complete safety. In this way, you have at any time your basic information, details of your old consultations, but also information relating to your insurance, for example the costs or the refunds of a service.

Help in diagnosis and care

What if you have a health problem for which you want a quick response? Phi asks you the essential questions for a good care and directs you in an intelligent way. For example, it allows you to make an appointment with a doctor, call emergencies, or change your treatment from home.

Telemedicine platform

All the information you provide via the app is sent directly to your doctor and appears in your digital file. Thus, he will have less administrative work and more time to be at your listening. This direct link also allows you to get advice and answers faster, for example when applying for a prescription.

The team

Abdullah Al-awadhi

Abdullah Al Awadhi

Co-founder & Project Manager

6th year Medicine student at the University of Geneva

Julian Klug

Julian Klug

Co-founder & Software Manager

6th year Medicine student at the University of Geneva

Nicolas Barakat

Nicolas Barakat

Developer & Product Manager

Graduated in Management and web development

Mathieu Leitner

Mathieu Leitner

Lead developer & UI/UX

Web development student at CREA